Tales of Arpegia

Arpegia, a land of picturesque landscapes, countless experiences and magic. Different races live together in relative peace to form an arguably solid foundation for the semblance of a society. Adventurers gather around message boards to collect requests and coin…

But nothing is as it seems.

Our adventurer roams the land – and mostly the villages – in search for missions and mostly coin to indulge in earthly delights. On her way through the vast land of Arpegia, she – a proud former knight of Sardonia – stumbles upon strange adventures and meets interesting characters, as she slowly uncovers the big secret beyond its idyllic surface.

Follow her trials, as she shares tears and laughter with the locals of Arpegia:

Prologue – The labyrinth at castle Malm
Our adventurer finds herself in a small village, plagued by disappearances of men and foreign chants coming from castle Malm.

Episode 1 – The devil’s dance floor [1/3] [2/3] [3/3]
An act in three parts

In the quest to put anything of substance in her stomach, our adventurer finds herself competing with an odious stranger for a reward. Will they be able to work together to discover the true nature of their trial?

Episode 2 – Sidequesting

Our adventurer is forced to take on any odd job she can find to gain revenue to chase the thief for her share of their reward, but she will quickly lament this decision.



(But seriously now, she’s really just out for coin. It’s all she seems to care about. But you didn’t hear that from me.)

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